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I voted, just not for President

I voted Tuesday, just not for POTUS.

I’ve been openly mentioning this concept for the last couple of months, mostly because I’ve been trying to convince myself I was doing the right thing.  I was hoping an argument against, one I found to be reasonable and thoughtful enough to change my mind, would surface – but it hasn’t and won’t.

My efforts were focused on all of the other races; national, state and local of which probably will far more impact my reality than the predictable wall of White House noise and gridlock coming our way – no matter who wins.

I take voting a bit differently from some.  I see my vote as my personal stamp of approval.  If I believe a person is qualified, justified and able to fulfill the duties of that office or role, i’ll happily darken the square next to their name.  Voting, for me, is not some means simply to help a candidate “get over the top” in the number of votes they need to win that office.  This isn’t American Idol or a modern take  Top40 radio’s “Make It or Break it!”.  We’re deciding who’s going to lead this nation, and you’d think our selection of this office over the last few generations would have taught us something by now.

When it comes to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump I simply just can not find it in my being to give either my vote.  I find them equally awful, for very different reasons.

I believe one to be wholly unqualified and the other totally disqualified.

So, today – Tuesday, November 8, 2016 – for the first time in my adult life – I did not give my vote to anyone for President of the United States.  I did not write in a candidate, as I did in 2012, and I did not fall back on any of the third party candidates as I did in 2008.  I’ve been told by friend on both sides I am “chickening out”, I need to “man up” and that I am “being irresponsible”.  My retort is to remind them there is no law or obligation to vote in any race.  Your ballot will count for those races in which you place votes.

I did not vote for any to be President, and that’s my story.

If the US can get back to space exploration, I can update my blog

I’ve been wanting to update this site for a long time, but laziness and Destiny have been keeping that from happening.

This morning I woke up and via a tweet was reminded the good ol’ USofA was just minutes away from returning to space.  Punched a link just in time to watch the launch of Orion, the country’s new stab at putting people on Mars.  This mission is more about testing these new rockets and other stuff and this particular launch is un-manned. If you’re interested in learning more, this article in Air & Space is a good starting point.

Anyway, for reasons I can’t fully explain, seeing that pushed me to decide I was going to try and start posting here again…On the regular.

Let’s see if my commitment is equal to all those smart space engineers.

Worst ever video game gets a documentary

Somewhere on this site I’ve discussed the history of “ET: The Extra Terrestrial” video game.  It’s the most awful gaming experience you’ll ever have, well at least it was.

Today playing the game is a blast back into the past and its failures in game design are viewed with whimsy and reminiscence.

Earlier this year a major event took place to find the untold numbers of the actual game cartridges that were buried in a New Mexico dump back in the early ’80’s.  Yes, that is a true story as we now know, and there’s a documentary coming out this fall to prove it.  Below is the trailer released at Comic-Con last week.

Apparently one can tear their anus…

Very late into the World Cup semi final between Argentina and Holland, the Argie midfielder, Javier Mascherano tracked back and made a game saving tackle of Arjen Robbin.  When I write “game saving” it literally was just that.  If not for Mascherano, Robbin likely would have easily scored and the Dutch would have been almost certainly marched into the Final.  Here’s the fateful moment:



After the game Javier admitted what most certainly is a painful and awful injury: “I thought I had slipped, I thought I wouldn’t make it, but I tore my anus on that move, the pain… it was terrible. I threw myself into it. I could have been sent off. It could have been a penalty, but anyone could have done that, I had the luck to get there.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.17.16 AM









Really, tearing one’s anus can only be surmounted as the worst possible injury by “testicular torsion“, right?

And this happened, right under our noses

Woke up Saturday morning to find out the great Bill Watterson had been drawing, in secret for three days worth of strips, right our collective noses.

Now, I haven’t been reading the comic pages on the regular for some time, but those there are those that do who were suspicious about what exactly was going on inside Pearls Before Swine.  In fact, a rather serious debate was going on as to the legitimacy of the idea that Watterson would play along for something like this.

Anyway, turns out it’s true.  Bill Watterson drew these panels.  They are funny, beautiful and bring back all the good feelings of a Calvin & Hobbs strip.

Enjoy, ’cause after this attention Watterson is likely to scurry back into his hermit hole for another decade.

Stripper Falls to Death


It’s one of those deaths that are just simply tragic, but kinda so ridiculous, you laugh.

22-year-old Lauren Block, a stripper at Christie’s Caboret in Cleveland fell from a second story stage while performing a lap dance.  The man on the receiving end of the dance explained what he saw in the police report: “He stated that she grabbed the rail, as he was facing away from the balcony, and she tried to complete some sort of dance jump/dance move, and accidentally went head first over the rail,”

Block’s family has released a statement.  “We would like to thank the community for their outpouring of support and prayers for Lauren. She has passed away but is an organ donor, and we hope this will enable her to save many lives and live on through others.  We would like to express our gratitude to the staff at MetroHealth. They worked tirelessly to do all they could to save her life. We ask that the media respect our privacy during this difficult time. We know that she’s in God’s hands.

Witness reports include that she wasn’t moving after the fall and was rushed to the hospital with severe head injuries and initially listed in critical condition, but later died from her injuries.

Now you feel bad for laughing.


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Dreadlocks as a Weapon

celbdred Over in Portland, Oregon, Caleb Grotberg, 32, faces counts of second-degree kidnapping, second-degree attempted assault, fourth-degree assault, menacing and domestic violence.  Why?  Because his girlfriend is accusing him of assault and attempting to choke her out with his dreadlocks.

Monday morning Portland police responded to a domestic violence call and met up with Grothberg’s girlfriend who made the accusations.  After a brief neighborhood search, Grotberg was located and arrested.

Yep, that’s it.  But I believe the “choking someone with your own dreadlocks” is a IGTN first.  Congrats Caleb!

Weirdest. Weapon. Ever.

CTA-Blue-Line-Feces-Attack-A 21 year old Chicago area woman was the victim of an attack on a train by a man who hit her in the face and head with, as she describes, “…a sock full of his poop”.

The woman got on a train headed to Chicago when the assailant boarded the same car.  “The guy got on with me at (the) Oak Park (station),” the victim said, requesting anonymity. “I wasn’t really paying attention.” She says that she found her seat, got out her cell phone and began to send a text.  “Next stop (at Austin), he throws something in my face” she told the Pioneer Press.

“He had a sock full of his poop on me,” said the 21-year-old college student.“It was everywhere; on my face, my hair, my clothes.”

There was another rider on the train that tried to follow the attacker after the woman’s screams got him to run off, but he got off the train and ran away.  Police searched for a young male, about 20 with facial hair and have several frames of video of who they believe is the attacker.

The woman claimed called the attack the “biggest degradation I’ve ever experience.  I wish he had just hit me”.  Unfortunately for her the worst part was that nobody on the scene had anything for her to wipe off her face and that paramedics didn’t really have anything to really clean her up.  They only had some water and towels.


Dog Eats Christmas Lights

xraylightsBritish puppy-dog Charlie is famous in his family for eating things he shouldn’t.   “Back in March he ate one of my scarves and needed an operation to remove it, but I thought it was just a one-off incident as he hadn’t shown any signs that he was going to be a repeat offender. I’ve had dogs all my life and have never known a dog act like this before” said his owner Sharon Fay.

But last week Fey noticed something odd.  In Charlie’s poop was little bits of wire sticking out.  Worried she took him to the vet and an X-ray reviled that Charlie had ingested a foot long strand of Christmas lights.

And a shoelace.

A surgery saved Charlie’s life as the vet was certain that any length of time in his system would have caused him severe internal injuries.

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When Your Dad Is the Grinch…Really.

Myron Rose may go down in history as 2012’s worst dad of the year after he was arrested for breaking into his ex’s home where he stole his own kid’s Christmas presents.

Amanda Miller came home late Friday afternoon and saw her ex-boyfriend running away from her mobile home with a giant bag over his shoulder.  When she got inside she realized there was electronics, jewelry and many of her kid’s Christmas presents missing.  Rose is the father of two of her three kids.

Rose apparently broke into the home from the underside and breaking a hole in the floor.  Miller called police and he was arrested and charged with  burglary, criminal trespassing, theft by unlawful taking and criminal mischief charges. He remains in jail on $50,000 bond.