The KickAround is simply about talking soccer and all that implies.

Andy & Peter bring the Dallas area perspective of the game, but in a way familiar to The Ticket. The show gives sanctuary to the segment of the true Ticket P1 who also love soccer. Now, after 20 years, a place for them is found on Saturdays, 2-4.

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Peter Welpton is a life long soccer fan with a 25 year radio career and somehow lucked into mixing the two into this weekly production. He has a real job, but spends his free time playing, writing and talking about soccer. (Dirty secret: the only reason he’s really doing this is to get an invite to Sturm’s annual English soccer trip)

Andy Swift is a soccer lifer who began his professional career as a TV reporter covering “futbol” before tackling management positions with the Dallas Burn (now FC Dallas), Major League Soccer, Dallas Cup, and FIFA. When taking time off from his soccer gigs, he spends too much time over-managing his Diamond Mind Baseball computer Geek-Ball league team.

(*Note* – As of 4/3/17 all shows prior to 2017 have been pulled from the site.  This was a space and cost savings measure.  If there is a show you’re looking for, email us and we’ll find a way to get that file to you.)

WorldCup KickAround Postgame Show 07/15/18

After struggling to watch the World Cup Final between France and Croatia, because they found themselves enveloped in the middle of 1200 mostly French drunks, Andy & Peter try as best as they could to discuss France’s big win, give an overview of the tournament and pronounce their “best 11” players by position.  Warning: this may admittedly be a very tough listen.  But we did our best considering the circumstances.

WorldCup KickAround Pregame Show 07/15/18

Live from The Happiest Hour in Uptown, and sponsored by Corona, Andy & Peter preview the Final and have no idea about the insane crowd and scene that was about to descend upon them.

Episode #149 – July 14, 2018

This is the one where Andy & Peter discuss the “Not So Super Bowl”, aka: World Cup 3rd Place game… Talk to Mark Followill about his WC broadcasting adventures… Talk to Buzz Carrick of about the likelihood of FC Dallas buying a legit #9 and preview the World Cup Final.

WorldCup KickRound – 07/11/18

This is the one where Andy & Peter react to another Croatia come from behind win – and entry into the World Cup Final!

WorldCup KickAround – 07/10/18

This is the one where Andy & Peter review France’s big semi-final victory and try to figure out who’s going to win between Croatia and England.

Episode #148 – July 7, 2018

This is the one where Andy & Peter get an extra hour AND attempt to broadcast while watching the dramatics of the Russia/Croatia quarterfinal – so some TicketTheater happens.  Plus Buzz Carrick pops on to talk about FC Dallas and how they’ve managed to hit the top spot with a roster universally agreed is, at best, questionable.

WorldCup KickAround – 07/03/18

This is the one where Andy & Peter marvel at England defeating their greatest boss level – the penalty shootout.

WorldCup KickAround – 07/02/18

This is the one where Andy & Peter attempt to do justice to the drama of Belgium’s last gasp win over Japan and shake their heads at the shameful antics of Neymar Jr.

WorldCup KickAround – 07/01/18

This is the one where Andy & Peter live through the stunning loss of Spain in PKs to Russia, live on the air.  Plus, discussions about an article about “added time” in soccer and are they actually not adding enough, and a lengthy, in-depth discussion about VAR’s use in the World Cup.

Episode # 147 – June 30, 2018

This is the one where Andy & Peter talk about the first pair of Rd16 games and spend a segment discussing the pending departure of one Mauro Diaz.