Sesame Street Hacked! Yup, Porn

Two of Sesame Street's most famous characters:...

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The You Tube channel for Semame Street was hacked, so for a short time, kids looking for Oscar the Grouch being grouchy to Big Bird, or Ernie and Bert actually ambiguously gay, what they got was good ‘ol fashioned porn.

It’s thought that an earlier hack on the PBS site may have been where the hackers got the password for the You Tube channel.

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Man Amputates Own Arm, Then Hand

In northeasy Philly, a man was found to have used an electric saw to perform a self amputation.

While cutting off one’s own appendage is weird, this guy cut off his arm just below the elbow, THEN, cut the hand off the now separated arm.

He then hid the parts in his home.

via CBS Philly



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Teacher Makes Fun of Special Ed Kids

Jeremy Hollinger is a teacher in Mobile, Al, and it seems that some sensitivity training is in order.

Along with talking about his special ed students on his Facebook page with comments like, “I guess crayons are on the menu”, he probably crossed the line when he donned one of the students safety helmets, took a pic and posted it. (via The Insane Asylum)

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VLA Needs a New Name

The “Very Large Array”, the world famous collection of telescopes scanning the heavens and based in New Mexico, are in need of a new name.

After undergoing a series of upgrades, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory has setup a website for the public to submit names.  Please be mature in your suggestions.  As awesome as it would be to call the place, “Deep Probing”, well, that isn’t likely to win is it?

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New Spock is Gay



Zachary Quinto, best know for playing Spock in the current JJ Abrams Star Trek movies, has publicly announced himself as, “a gay man”.


And I have a giant head.  Just get the sequel finished, please.

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Attack of the Semen Collecting Witch Women

Three women in Zimbabwe have been arrest in a two year string of attacks on male hitchhikers.

All three in their 20’s, the trio were involved in a car accident and police found as many as 33 condoms filled with… uh, semen, which allegedly were gathered when the women would drug or force at gunpoint the men to make a deposit.

Now, I know what your asking yourself, “Why?”

It seems that there are sections in that region’s society that use man-mayo for ritual purposes, like ridding one’s self of bad luck.

That’s what I use it for.

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The Mile Drop Club

The FAA has been asked to investigate claims a couple had sex while skydiving.

While this seems ridiculous, it would be a perfect scenario for most guy’s endurance limits:

“Uh, Oooooo… Well, sorry, that didn’t last long, but I gotta pull the ripcord anyway”… 

There is was a video of the instructor and female (porn star Alex Torres) having sex in the plane and continuing in midair, but there really isn’t a rule against any of that as long as its not a distraction to the pilot.

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Call 9-11! Stat!



The Texas Ranger Fever is an epidemic here in Dallas.  Lot’s of caps, jerseys and t-shirts.

But today, I saw a first.  This guy.

Call an ambulance.  I think his infection has gone to his head and will surely kill him before Monday.

Wearing a Josh Hamilton shirt, but one that is a giant photo, sublimated onto the fabric (like drifit).  It is a full pic on the front and back of the shirt.  It is amazing.  I can’t decide if I am impressed he’s that dedicated, or just think its just about the gayest thing I’ve see in a while.

Yes, I was at In & Out.  don’t judge.




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Siri Video Review/Demo

Here is a very comprehensive look at the new voice activated system for the iPhone4S.  Yes, Android has had abilities like this for some time, although even a hard-core Android user would have to admit that this is a different level of interaction.  Apple is still calling this a “beta”, and for good reason, it isn’t perfect, but for something out of the box, the results are very impressive.