Finally, Some Wet

Texas is experiencing its worst drought in recorded history.  Yeah, worse than the Dust Bowl.  Over 90% of the state has been in the highest level of drought, “exceptional” for several months.

Yesterday a weather system started on the western edge of the state and began to bring serious amounts of rain.  The amazing part is that five or six inches, while welcome will not resolve the situation.  Most of the state is well over 10 inches behind in rain.  But this does help and is a start.  It is needed as this winter is predicted to be a dry one for Texas.

I got 1.14″ starting Saturday night.  The Dallas area, while also in drought conditions, is better off than the majority of the state.


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Barnes & Noble Drops 100 DC Graphic Novels

DC Comics announced they would release 100 graphic novels in an exclusive deal for the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Bookstore, Barnes & Noble have taken exception to this since this means you won’t be able to find “Watchmen”, “The Dark Knight Returns”, “Sandman”, “V for Vendetta” and many other titles on their handheld Nook Color.

The result is the report from “Bleeding Cool” that B&N have told employees to pull any and all copies of these same 100 titles from their shelves.

Prepare To Vomit… Human Centipede 2 is here

Tom Six

Image by • ian via Flickr

While the original was shocking, gross and totally bizarre, Tom Six’s sequel apparently didn’t garner enough bad reaction for the director.

This new film, which centers around a pump, creepy dude who is so enamored with the actual movie, “Human Centipede”, he goes out to try and not only recreate, but outdo the original.  Going from three humans swewn “ass to mouth” to a full twelve.

Check out Dave White’s review .

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The Next Great Android Phone Is … Delayed

The much anticipated Samsung Nexus Prime was promised to debut this week, but on Friday word came that the reveal would happen at a later date.

The reason given was that it was out of respect for Steve Jobs, his passing, and probably largely because of the start of sales of the iPhone4S.  It seems that interest in the newest iPhone is large enough that the Prime shouldn’t screw around and put itself in a place where it can miss out of some media attention.

Why?  Cause this new Android is going to scream.  A super fast processor, a load of memory and the rumored ultra thin and curved body.  It will also feature the new Android OS “Ice Cream Sandwich” and a display capable of 720p resolution.

The delay is smart, respect the moment of Jobs’ passing, and position your new product in the best marketing window.

Me & Mr Jobs

Following Apple’s announcement of the iPhone4S on Tuesday, I just had a sense that something was off and just not right. I assumed it was that Jobs wasn’t there, but now we all know there was a larger cloud hanging over the event.

Seconds after I learned of his death, it dawned on me just how pervasive Apple, and more specifically Steve Jobs, has been a part of my life.

I learned Basic on an Apple IIc in middle school in the early 80’s. Thru laziness I didn’t follow up and my programming career was over fast.

In high school, I had an Apple IIe which helped me waste 1000’s of hours playing “Wizardry” instead of printing homework on my dot-matrix printer and saving it on those giant 5.25″ floppies.

In college I had a very cool Macintosh SE20… which sat unused.

About 1990 I abandoned Apple, like most people, and discovered Windows and the internet. That lasted until I discovered OSX, how perfectly easy it was to connect to a network and how much better it was than Windows in ever way.

Then my first iPod which literally changed my music listening life.

Since then I have bought at least 15+ other Apple products.

This has been a lifelong relationship for me. The death of Steve Jobs has made me realize that fact in a way I’d never really considered. I can’t think of another product so intertwined in my daily life.

Thank you Steve.

Taste the Rainbow

Yeah, watch this, but it is NSFW, I guess.