Maybe I do watch a lot of videos online

The Verge posted this and I really enjoyed it.

Don’t want to spoil the twist, the interesting spin on a midwestern father/son in the 60’s after a UFO crashes into their field.

I think the kid actor is really great.  It appears to be a couple of years old and won several awards.  Enjoy.


Mad Max promises proper destruction

George Miller has created a new, proper, Mad Max movie and it arrives in 2015.

Watch the trailer and you will see what the old pro is capable of creating, even after all these years.

Funny, I’ve been lamenting the onslaught of “destruction porn” run of movies in the last few years.  Especially those based around comic book characters (how many times do we save the Earth?), but here, the full on spectacle of hopeless mayhem and utter lack of concern for human life is something to look forward to.  If only because it looks so beautifully choreographed.

Put 7:46 of your time to good use

I’m not one to sit and watch a batch of videos online.  But every once in a while I come across something that I think is really clever, different and worth watching.

This is a great example of that.  A sci-fi short called “Time Trap” by Michael Shanks.  It’s got a low-fi vibe, but one particularly interesting hi-fi time travel concept and I think you’ll enjoy.

If the US can get back to space exploration, I can update my blog

I’ve been wanting to update this site for a long time, but laziness and Destiny have been keeping that from happening.

This morning I woke up and via a tweet was reminded the good ol’ USofA was just minutes away from returning to space.  Punched a link just in time to watch the launch of Orion, the country’s new stab at putting people on Mars.  This mission is more about testing these new rockets and other stuff and this particular launch is un-manned. If you’re interested in learning more, this article in Air & Space is a good starting point.

Anyway, for reasons I can’t fully explain, seeing that pushed me to decide I was going to try and start posting here again…On the regular.

Let’s see if my commitment is equal to all those smart space engineers.

Worst ever video game gets a documentary

Somewhere on this site I’ve discussed the history of “ET: The Extra Terrestrial” video game.  It’s the most awful gaming experience you’ll ever have, well at least it was.

Today playing the game is a blast back into the past and its failures in game design are viewed with whimsy and reminiscence.

Earlier this year a major event took place to find the untold numbers of the actual game cartridges that were buried in a New Mexico dump back in the early ’80’s.  Yes, that is a true story as we now know, and there’s a documentary coming out this fall to prove it.  Below is the trailer released at Comic-Con last week.


I don’t think I’m capable of “speed reading”, but after finding out about this upcoming technology and idea – I have to say I think I’m ready to Spritz.

Spritz is a technology and idea based on making it easier for the brain in ingest what its reading by effectively “streaming” words into the brain visually rather than the typical manner of the eye scanning back and forth across a page.  In Spritz, the eye focuses on a fixed spot and the words are flashed in sequence at an alarming rate of speed.  At first you think, “I can’t keep up with that”, but after a second you realize not only are you easily reading at 330 words per minute, but you’re fully comprehending what you’re reading.  Then suddenly almost like a game, ready to ramp up the pace and then reading at 500wpm or more.

Ironically, I’ve been really excited about the new Luc Besson movie, “Lucy”.  Yes, that is the ultra-violent Scarlett Johansson summer movie whose premise is she’s a drug mule, the drugs she’s carrying end up turning her into some sort of superhuman capable of 100% usage of her greymatter… Anyway, in the website promo for the movie, they’ve added in the Spritz technology to give an idea of what Lucy is capable of and what you’re capable of.  It’s a really cool marriage of technology and entertainment.

You can add an extension to your Chrome browser so when you visit a site, a click of a button takes the content and displays it in a pop-up window where you can control the speed, font and other options.  Additionally, there are some reader apps with Spritz built into it, but obviously having it as an option in a Kindle or other mainstream reader app, would be ideal.

Personally, I found myself – after just a few minutes of goofing around with it – reading at 600wmp+.  Sometimes having to slow it down or speed up depending on what the topic was.  But even at 450wpm, I’ve already blazed far past what I can do via a typical reading of a page.

Below are some examples.  Just focus on the letter in red, and just let the words dump into your visual cortex (I don’t even know if that’s a legit thing) and almost instantly you’ll realize you’re reading & comprehending at a good click… Then look at the next example and before you know it 500wpm doesn’t seem all that impossible…

Here’s 250wpm






Ok, now try 350:






And, here’s 500wpm







pics via Huffinton Post