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Naked, High on Meth and Greasy

41 year old Scott McFarland lead Austin police on a chase through north parts of the city in his jeep, while naked. Police responded to calls of a man sitting in a Jeep, naked, outside a hotel and when they arrived he sped off starting a high speed chase.  Reaching speeds of 80mph it was […]

The Ol’ Pot Brownie Trick

Thomas Ricardo Cunningham, 21, and Mary Elizabeth Essa, 19, two students at Colorado University though baking pot into a batch of brownies for their history class are finding out that that old prank isn’t so funny after all. Eight of the 12 students that were in the class fell ill in some form after eating […]

Nose Ring Found in Burrito

Frances Rosario and her daughter were in a Georgia McDonald’s about to enjoy a breakfast burrito when mom spied something odd about her daughter’s food. Inside her four year old’s burrito was a shiny object and when she removed it, it was a nose ring.  “I turned it and I see this piece of jewelry […]

Geekout Gift Guide Part 3

Don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the Geekout Gift Guide Headphones:  There isn’t enough time in our lives to endure crappy audio quality.  There are plenty of headphones/earbuds that are available at decent prices that will give you a fair level of audio reproduction.  Sorry, but the line of “Beats […]

Geekout Gift Guide Part 2

We got the computing stuff out of the way in part one, so let’s look at the really fun stuff.  There’s also now a Part 2. Fitness Tech:  Fitbit has recently updated their lineup of devices and the new $50 Fitbit Zip is an ideally priced wearable device.  Think of it as a modern day pedometer, but […]


**Make sure you check out Part 2 and Part 3.  Follow @peet2 or on Facebook for notifications on when updated** It’s that time of year and if you’re looking for a good, geeky, techy gift for a loved one – here’s a list of stuff that I would recommend. Computers:  You’ve got an option between […]

If Jesus And Mary Tell You To Do Something…

Tammy Estep is a 36 year old South Carolina mother of two.  She also receives instructions directly from Jesus and his mom, Mary, to inflict harm on others. Police were called to the Estep home last Friday morning with reports that someone in the house had been stabbed.  Upon arriving the son told police that […]

Geek Holiday Movie Season

The 2012 holiday movie season is already upon us, first with the release of Wreck-It-Ralph and Skyfall already getting great reviews and giant ticket sales.  Going from here through the New Year are some great movies that spread wide across the geek spectrum.  Here’s a list of what’s up and their associated trailer. Lincoln: 11/9 […]

The Hobbit Might Look Too Lifelike

One of the things that has me most interested in this upcoming movie season is the news that The Hobbit will be made available in 48fps High Frame Rate 3D in as many as 450 different theaters across the country. Having the option to see a particular movie in differing formats, 2D, 3D, IMAX, IMAX […]

Brad Pitt Zombie Movie Gets a Trailer

World War Z is the upcoming movie based on the much loved book by Max Brooks.  Brad Pitt plays a United Nations worker who has to figure out how to stop the zombie breakout engulfing the world.  His wife is played by Mireille Enos (last seen in the very frustrating The Killing) and… there are a lot […]