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CES2013 Is Upon Us

There will be no big news from Apple, Microsoft or Google.  Nope, those guys don’t “attend” the Consumer Electronics Show any longer.  They all have decided there is far more value in launching products in their own big events.  In fact, even the seemingly sinking boat of Blackberry will hold their own event later this […]

Immortalize Your Likeness

As a gift to my wife for Christmas, maybe the gift I was most excited about getting her was a pair of replicas of “us”. From the fun company, Mixeeme, I was able to walk thru their online setup to created a pair of figures that somewhat resemble us.  You go thru the steps of […]

Weirdest. Weapon. Ever.

A 21 year old Chicago area woman was the victim of an attack on a train by a man who hit her in the face and head with, as she describes, “…a sock full of his poop”. The woman got on a train headed to Chicago when the assailant boarded the same car.  “The guy […]

Dog Eats Christmas Lights

British puppy-dog Charlie is famous in his family for eating things he shouldn’t.   “Back in March he ate one of my scarves and needed an operation to remove it, but I thought it was just a one-off incident as he hadn’t shown any signs that he was going to be a repeat offender. I’ve had […]

When Your Dad Is the Grinch…Really.

Myron Rose may go down in history as 2012’s worst dad of the year after he was arrested for breaking into his ex’s home where he stole his own kid’s Christmas presents. Amanda Miller came home late Friday afternoon and saw her ex-boyfriend running away from her mobile home with a giant bag over his […]

It Happened In Florida

Jontae Dellano, 14, got in a fight at school and ended up getting whipped.  So he got his dad to help him find a little revenge by going to a bus stop to confront his nemesis, with a tube sock with padlocks in it. Jamal Shields, 30, drove Jontae to a bus stop to Palm […]

*updated* This Is the Summer Movie of 2013

*updated*  at the bottom, watch the trailer, but with delToro’s commentary – excellent insight Pacific Rim has been talked about for the last several months, but only in ways that amount to guessing and speculation.  Director, Guillermo del Toro’s Summer 2013 will be a massive blockbuster on the grandest of scales. We know the plot line […]

Man of Steel Might Actually Be Super

Zack Synder very well may have been the perfect choice to direct the newest version/reboot of the Superman story.  Tasked several years ago with turning the greatest comic book/superhero graphic novel of all time into a movie, Snyder’s “Watchmen” was a valiant attempt to do something with a terribly complex, dark tale. When we saw […]

When You Burgle The Home of a Kickboxer

19 year old Johnathan Wise (right) was arrested for burglary late last month, but it isn’t the pending criminal charges he probably most regrets.  That would be the beating he took at the hands of his “victim”. Norm Houston (left) was home when he heard a noise coming from his garage and upon going outside […]

Don’t Fling Poo At the Police Station

Greg Greaves was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly ambushed another man in a bar bathroom during an annual Chicago pub crawl. The unidentified man claims that he was stopping by one of the many bars participating in the Twelve Bars of Christmas pub crawl to use the bathroom.  When he walked in Greaves […]