Immortalize Your Likeness

As a gift to my wife for Christmas, maybe the gift I was most excited about getting her was a pair of replicas of “us”.

IMG_0389From the fun company, Mixeeme, I was able to walk thru their online setup to created a pair of figures that somewhat resemble us.  You go thru the steps of picking out your skin-color, hair, eyes, mouth, clothing and some other details (think avatar creation on Xbox live) and for $25 you end up with a little 3″ version of your creation.  Extra neat is that you can upload your own images that can appear on the shirts, or use text for messages.  You can even create an image for a face that can be uploaded and used on the head for a level of detail the preset options can’t provide.

But what might be the coolest aspect is that these are created on a commercial 3D printer.  Mixeeme works with the company Shapeways that takes your order and then makes your one-of-a-kind figure on a printer that creates it out of a material that feels a little like ceramic and plastic.  They don’t feel fragile, but I wouldn’t want to drop it either.

The customer service is outstanding.  As I was creating my figure I realized that the options for hair all ended up giving me far more hair than I really have.  I emailed them, asked for an option that was maybe more “receding”, traded some images of what was closer and they added it for me – at no extra cost.

It’s a wonderful gift.