CES2013 Is Upon Us

There will be no big news from Apple, Microsoft or Google.  Nope, those guys don’t “attend” the Consumer Electronics Show any longer.  They all have decided there is far more value in launching products in their own big events.  In fact, even the seemingly sinking boat of Blackberry will hold their own event later this month with a hail-mary introduction of Blackberry 10 and new devices.

That doesn’t mean that CES will be a snooze.  In fact, because the biggest guys aren’t hogging up all the media attention what you’ll be hearing from Vegas will be all about different new tech, devices and ideas.

Probably the biggest thing you hear about is “Ultra HD” – The TV manufactures have succeeded in getting the vast majority of the public to throw away their tube sets for some sort of flat screen and now they need to sell a new generation of TVs.  So trying to make the images sharper, deeper, clearer is the goal.  So, you’re going to hear a lot about “4K” – the idea of a set with 3-4times the resolution of the set you have now.  The problem with that idea is that there is little to no actual content available in that resolution, so the sets have to up convert the content from your DVD, Blluray, Streaming service or whatever and when you do that, it’s not real 4K… Much of this is gimmicky marketing stuff.  There will be several new sets using the OLED technology which has a very high image quality, but had been limited to small screen sizes.  Now you’ll be able to get OLED in 45’+ sizes, but they will be expensive for a while.

There will also be lots of new wireless speakers.  Most will use bluetooth to connect to your handheld device, some will use Apple’s Airplay wireless system and others will create their own means to connect to your home wireless system.  There is even “Pure”, a company that wants you to put their speakers around your home, wirelessly connect them and via apps they you download can connect to their own Panadora/Spotify like music service.

There will be lots of new tech that will connect to your handheld devices to allow you to control everything from toys, to home automation to utility-type devices.  And there will be more and more watches that will connect to your handheld to allow you to keep that phone in your pocket or purse and transmit info from it to the watch, in the ultimate act of convenience (lazy) so you don’t have to look at the phone… The biggest of this is Pebble, a watch that crowd funded over $10m from Kickstarter.

And just when you thought you couldn’t handle yet another “celebrity” branded pair of headphones, Motorhead will be releasing their own ear speakers designed specifically for very. loud. rock. musik.

I will be updating here as I hear about cool things I think you need to know about.