Dog Eats Christmas Lights

xraylightsBritish puppy-dog Charlie is famous in his family for eating things he shouldn’t.   “Back in March he ate one of my scarves and needed an operation to remove it, but I thought it was just a one-off incident as he hadn’t shown any signs that he was going to be a repeat offender. I’ve had dogs all my life and have never known a dog act like this before” said his owner Sharon Fay.

But last week Fey noticed something odd.  In Charlie’s poop was little bits of wire sticking out.  Worried she took him to the vet and an X-ray reviled that Charlie had ingested a foot long strand of Christmas lights.

And a shoelace.

A surgery saved Charlie’s life as the vet was certain that any length of time in his system would have caused him severe internal injuries.

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