*updated* This Is the Summer Movie of 2013

*updated*  at the bottom, watch the trailer, but with delToro’s commentary – excellent insight

Pacific Rim has been talked about for the last several months, but only in ways that amount to guessing and speculation.  Director, Guillermo del Toro’s Summer 2013 will be a massive blockbuster on the grandest of scales.

We know the plot line is that giant aliens invade earth, but they are more like the massive monsters from old Japanese monster flicks, and the human race creates an army of Jaegers (skyscraper sized, human controlled robots or mechs) to defeat them.  But in this trailer we finally get to see just what the “monsters” and the Jaegers will look like.  While I certainly haven’t been wanting another “giant creature from outer space threatens Earth smash-smash-smash movie”, for whatever reason, this is really the movie I’m most anticipating for 2013… Maybe its the every so slight “guy in a rubber suit” feel the monsters have…

Who’s to know what to expect from GdT, but if he’s greatness with the very unappreciated Hellboy movies is any indicator, this should be a great ride.  Please note the very cool inclusion of what sounds like GLaDOS, the voice from the awesome “Portal” games.

“…ready to activate the Jaeger in 3…2…1”