Mythbusters / BreakingBad Mashup!

The Discover Channel announced that later this week they will be filming a new episode of geek fav “Mythbusters” that will attempt some of the science from Breaking Bad.

Mythbusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman (right) will try two specific moments from Season One of the TV great.  While we don’t know specifically what the 2nd is, we have been told that the first will be looking more into the much beloved scene when Jesse Pinkman fails to follow of the directions of Mr White when dissolving a human body in hydrofluoric acid.  Those that have seen the show will remember that Jesse’s failure to put the body in a ‘plastic’ barrel, and instead putting it his upstairs tub results in the acid eating thru the tub, the floor(s) and resulting in a terribly bloody mess.

They promise that the show, which is family friendly, will work hard to find ways to marry itself to one of TV’s least family friendly shows.  So, there will be no discussion of Walter White‘s “blue sky” crystal meth recipe, and I’m guessing the 2nd test won’t be trying to recreate how long it takes someone to choke on their own vomit while on a meth high.

The show is being taped this week and will air next Spring, and yes Aaron Paul will make an appearance.