Don’t Go Makin’ Your Rapist Feel Bad

Ryan Romo is an 18 year old star on the Highland Park High School baseball team (led in RBI’s), is the son of a CEO for a popular Dallas area market & bakery, and now an accused rapist and facing charges of sexual assault of a classmate.

Highland Park, TX is the toniest of towns, owning one of the nation’s highest per capita incomes and a high school well known for it’s “rich kids”.  Reed (right) was at a concert Saturday night and ran into a classmate who he offered to drive home.  Somewhere along the way home they stopped to make out in the back of his Chevy Tahoe.  Kissing and making out turned to Romo taking off his pants and touching the girl.  She first told him she wasn’t into having sex, then to stop numerous times but Romo allegedly raped her anyway.

He dropped her off at home where the girl’s mom immediately noticed there was something wrong and got the full story.  She took her daughter to the hospital where she underwent a rape kit examination.  The affidavit reports the test show there was intercourse and a subsequent examination shows signs that,  “the trauma he observed appears to have been forceful.”

At this point this is just another unfortunate story of girl/boy, “he said, she said” – until mom and daughter talked to police who then set up two secretly recorded converstaions between her and Romo.  The first was a call where Romo offered to buy her the morning after pill, “if she was really worried about it”, and told her he’d, “had fun we should definitely hang out again”.  The second conversation was recorded when the pair were sitting in the girl’s car.  This time she pressed him on the manner the incident happened, telling him that “I just wish it didn’t happen like that.  Like, I wish, cause, I said stop…I said no…I wish you’d stopped you know or not done it,”

Romo, certainly innocent until proven guilty and maybe the victim of a false charge, didn’t help his case when his response was simply,  “OK, you’re making me feel bad, wow.”

Romo was arrested and charged with sexual assault of a child, a $100,000 bond and released on Tuesday.

*update* – an interesting side story that is developing from two local alternative news sites have covered the story, but have taken very different POV’s.  At the bottom of each of the associated stories are the comments section – a fascinating look into how people react to stories like this based on obvious biases, relationships, politics or simply shock value.   Dallas Culture Map and Dallas Observer   There is now even a “Free Ryan Romo” Facebook page via his friends who claim his innocence.



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