“She’s Not Dead, She’s Fine”

Denver Police were called to an apartment earlier this month to complaints of a foul smell.  What they found inside one of the residences was the decomposing body of a woman, Michalea Beth Ford, 32,  but with her alive husband, Steven Ford, and dog sitting along side her watching TV.

Police arrived after neighbors complained of a terrible smell and entered the apartment using a key from the manager.  Upon entering a Great Dane dog met them but turned and went back into the apartment.  Once inside, police saw the dog retreating to a couch where it jumped up onto along side the slumped deceased body of the woman.  Blocking the entrance of the living room was the woman’s husband, who appeared to be drunk or “out of sorts” as described by police.  Police asked the man how long the woman had been dead and he replied, “She’s not dead. She’s fine.”

The dog had to be removed by animal control when it began to guard the body when police went for a closer look.

Police decided Ford had been dead for at least 10 days with the body showing significant decomposition along with a large hole in the wall and a turned over TV in the bedroom.  Ford has not been charged, and the family has come forward to explain to the public that Steven Ford had a brain injury suffered from a truck accident in 2011, Michalea had been diagnosed with pancreatitis and the pair were heavy drinkers.  The family is sure that Steven had nothing to do with her death and assume that she died from complications and lack of treatment for her condition.  The condition of the apartment and lack of notifying police of her death they chalk up to Steven, “freaking out”.