WiFi Lightbulbs – Yep.

The maddening circumstances of incandescent bulbs being phased out and that CFL bulbs stink to high heaven is the promise of LED technology.  The problem with that, at least for now, is they can be terribly expensive.  But starting today you can add the nifty feature of being able to control LED bulbs with an app on your smartphone.  LED bulbs meet the promise of extreme life span, wicked money savings and being able to turn on instantly – versus the maddening warm up period of the CFL.

Phillips has been rolling out variations of LED bulbs for a couple of years now, and they’ve been an indecent proposal as each bulb could breach $75 each.  Those prices have been coming down as late (you can find them online for $20), but starting Oct 30th, you can get a version that adds the above mentioned ability to control via your wifi network and an app.

Yes, its still expensive as not only do you need the bulbs, but a smart bridge that plugs into your wifi router and speaks to the bulbs.  That comes as part of a starter kit (with three bulbs) that is priced at $199.  Additional bulbs will set you back another $59 each.  With the kit not only can you turn on and off the bulbs, but you can also control the color of the light they emit.  The bulbs are capable of matching any of the 16 million different colors in the RBG color spectrum.  There’s even a setting that allows you to set a timer to turn on the bulbs with a “gentle wake up” setting.

The kit goes on sale Oct 30th at Apple stores.