Man Divorces Because Wife & Child Are Ugly

A man in Northern China has successfully divorced his wife and also won $120,000 in a related lawsuit – all because his wife and child were ugly.

Jian Feng married his wife several years ago and by all reports it was a loving relationship.  When she gave birth to their baby girl the problems with the relationship began.  The baby, Feng thought, was so ugly he was frightened by her.  He also was suspect of his fatherhood in the girl because she looked nothing like either him or his wife.

When pressed for an explanation, the woman finally admitted that she had under gone more than $100,000 in plastic surgery that drastically altered her appearance – but that it had happened before the pair had met and she decided not to tell him.  The man filed for divorce on the premise that she had gotten him to marry her “under false pretense” and was later not only grated the divorce but also won $120,000 he requested in restitution.

(peet: The origin of this story can be sourced back to an article in a Macedonian website from Feb 2012 – the veracity of it is hard to confirm because there are no other corroborating stories.  But it’s too good not to mention.  I will also mention I pulled these two pics from other versions of the same story, but I can’t confirm their authenticity.)