It Happened In Florida

A Port St. Luice man took the extreme step of proving his innocence to police by showing them his genitals.

Earlier this month police were called to a local CVS to meet a woman who claimed there was a man in the parking lot masturbating.  She admitted that she hadn’t seen his private parts, but did notice as she walked by his car that he was making an “up and down motion in the area of his crotch,” according to the police report.

The man, who had gone into the store by the time police arrived and was questioned about what he was doing in the parking lot before he went into the store.  The man told police that he “had a rash” and was simply scratching his testicles.  Sensing that the officer was suspect of his story, he offered to show police his evidence.  Police agreed and he then “presented his testicles” and the police “verified” it.  With no proof that the man was doing anything illegal or lewd he was released with no charges.