World’s Most Gullible Lesbian

A 51 year old Lufkin, Texas woman claims that she was duped into a sexual lesbian relationship with a long time friend via Yahoo! Messenger.

This is a seriously confusing story, so allow me to try and explain it.

The woman, I will refer to as “victim”, is long time friends with 30 year old Angela Buchanan (below right).  Buchanan told the victim that she was a breast cancer survivor, but that she was concerned over the possibility of the cancer returning.  She also told the victim that she had been consulting with a “long time friend”, a local gynecologist named,”Doc”.  Buchanan somehow got the victim to start chatting with Doc via Yahoo! Messenger to discuss his concerns about Buchanan’s health.

This is where it gets very odd.

The victim says that she was told by Doc that she should engage in a sexual relationship with Buchanan to help increase her hormone levels which would potentially delay or cure a pre-cancerous mass he claimed Buchanan had.  Participating in sex with her would give her a significant advantage in getting ahead of the cancer.  The victim told police she was reluctant, and despite that she earlier in life was a lesbian she no longer identified herself as such (now she thinks its morally wrong) she decided to help save her friend’s life by having sex with her.

As the relationship went on, Buchanan would go for blood work and treatments.  Doc would review those results with the victim online and advise her to continue the sexual relationship along with advice on “frequency, nature and duration” of the sexual encounters.

Doc then told the victim that he had advised Buchanan to take the proactive stance of having a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.  After the surgery, the victim talked to the doctor that performed the surgery (not “doc” but a different person) and inquired about the cancerous mass.  He told her he had no idea about that, but that the breast augmentation had gone very well.  When she asked Doc about the discrepancy in the stories, he told her that the surgeon was actually doing the surgery “under the table” and had to deny because of cameras in the waiting room.  Already established as a terribly gullible person, the victim bought Doc’s story.

Additionally, Buchanan had tried to talk the victim into traveling to a state that allowed same sex marriage so Buchanan could win a custody battle over twins she birth’d  via in vitro fertilization.

Finally the victim’s own daughter expressed the concern that Doc was actually Buchanan.  The victim called Buchanan’s ex-girlfriend and found out that all of her backstories about cancer, custody battles and other things had never happened and was untrue.  She contacted police after she contacted Doc’s office and found out it didn’t exist.

Buchanan admitted she’d made up the whole thing and was the person posing as Doc.  She told police she wanted to be in a relationship with the victim and that the Doc, cancer, surgery story was the only way it would ever happen.  She is out on $1500 bond and faces a year in prison on a Class A misdemeanor charge of online impersonation.