Punching Mrs. Darth Vader

In England a man who years ago legally changed his name from Mark Nokes (right) to Darth Vader became involved in an altercation with another man that ended with his wife, Mrs. Vader (right), getting punched in the face.

Vader was confronted by his neighbor, Ikbal Hare (oddly enough that is not a Star Wars character) who’d confronted Vadar with his suspicion that he was having an illicit affair with his girlfriend.  (It has been reported that Hare suspected Vader of using “Jedi mind tricks”, but it’s not clear if that is an actual fact or clever writing) When the argument heated up and a scuffle broke out between the two, Vader’s wife stepped into between them and was accidentally punched in the face by Hare.  Hare then armed himself with, “a brick and threw sand in the face of Darth Vader”.

Hare ran off but was arrested two days later at his home.  He was charged with disorderly behavior. (But gets to brag he punched Darth Vader’s wife)

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