The Ultimate Violation of a Store’s Return Policy

Ronald Eugene Robinson has allegedly committed a terrible foul against consumerism.  Police report that over the course of three months Robinson bought used and returned for refunds a product claiming they were unused.  This would be ok if it was a hair dryer, or maybe a pair of mittens – but these were enemas.

The 33 year old Jacksonville, FL man now faces a federal charge of tampering with consumer products after buying and returning as many as 12 enemas.  Most frighteningly, several of the returned products were actually resold to other customers.  Store managers called police after finding that the enema packing had been tampered.  Despite Robinson’s claim that they were unused, samples of fluids in the bottles revealed fecal matter in tests conducted by the Florida Dep’t of Health.  The enemas were purchased from April and June of this year and as many as 21 different customers have been contacted as possibly purchasing the tainted products.

Robinson was found after police matched a license plate number with the credit card number used to buy the enemas.

There are no suggestions of Robinson’s reasonings, but his ex-wife told that he did have a history of drug use.