Facebook Ruins All The Fun

A father and home owner in Tega Cay, SC found out via Facebook that his home had been used for a real-life version of the move “Project X” while he and his family were on vacation.

While away for the July 4th weekend classmates of his children allegedly broke into to the house thru a window and held a giant bash that three months later pics turned up on someone’s Facebook account.  “I’m looking at them like, ‘Wait, this is my house!’ They are running around doing lewd things with funnels, throwing up in the sink, passed out on the kitchen floor.”  The man and his family asked not to be identified.

Interestingly enough the kids that held the party did an outstanding job of cleaning up after their bash.  His kids were told that the organizers came back to the house the next day and cleaned the entire home, did the dishes and covered any evidence that a party had been held there.  The only reason the family found out was because someone decided to brag on Facebook, with pictures – and even tagged the photos with names of people at the party.

The man has turned over the evidence to the police, who are using the tagged names to reach the suspects’ families.

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