iPhone5 Is Here. Hooray?

Its here, and because Apple has now gone from a company capable of keeping its stuff under Area51-like wraps to about as leaky as the sieve you use in your kitchen to drain pasta, what we got yesterday was a little underwhelming.

Not because it’s not cool, but because we already knew the ending.

We knew the iPhone5 was going to have a 4″ screen, LTE and be lighter, faster and all of that.  But we didn’t get any really cool new, “WOW” functionality that we didn’t already know about.  And that’s ok.

The iPhone5 is the best iPhone ever.

But “best iPhone doesn’t equal “best phone”.

Should you upgrade?  If you have any version older than a 4S, yes, especially if, God forbid, you are rocking a 3GS.  If you have a 4S the question is tougher.  Does your cell area have LTE available?  LTE is not anywhere near as widespread as 3G, and if you don’t have it, it probably isn’t worth the upgrade as, this is really the iPhone’s biggest advancement.  Yes, the bigger screen and form factor changes are nice, but $200+ is still a chuck of change for something that you will get 90% of the experience on your 4S.

If you’re not currently an iPhone users and want to be, getting the 4S at $100 is a major steal, but remember in 12 months it will become two generations old.  So think about that before you buy.  Plopping down an additional $100 ($199 for the 16g iPhone5) means that your phone will buy at least an additional 12 months of relevance.  You should also take the time to look at the slew of outstanding Android options, including the just announced Motorola Razr , and the best selling Galaxy S III.  I would also advise a look at any of the new upcoming Windows 8 phones.  Believe it or not, this new OS from Microsoft actually in many ways makes both iOS and Android look outdated.

The other big news from the event was the rollout of new Nano’s, and complete redesign of iTunes and maybe the coolest thing they debuted was a new iPod Touch.  the screen from the iPhone5, the power of the 4S, stupid thin, only weighing 88grams, and a work week’s worth of battery life (40 hours)… Five colors and $300.

below is a whole list of links of far more competent people’s opinions and some that have actually held the new iPhone.




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