Can Apple Still Wow Us on Wednesday?

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Apple has summoned the masses to gather in California on Wednesday for one of those now well known events, and this one is where they are expected to reveal the new iPhone 5.  But it comes at an odd time for the company where it’s stock price is at an all time high, and as they say, the bigger they are….

For weeks there have been an uncountable number of leaks, sneak peeks, and speculative reports of what the iPhone5 will be and the general conscious is:

  • 4″ screen (taller, not wider)
  • 15-20% thinner
  • True 4G LTE
  • Smaller dock connector

Other than that there has been talk about what chipset it may have, whether or not it will have Near Field Communication (NFC) built in and other smaller details – none of which can be confirmed simply because until Apple talks, its all just a fat guess.

But here is what we do know.  Samsung, lawsuit or not, is killing it with the Galaxy S III.  HTC is doing just fine with their new lineup and Motorola just showed off a series of new Razr devices – where the entry level version is bigger and spec’d out faster than what is rumored for the new iPhone.  Android’s OS, now with Ice Cream Sandwich, is a vastly improved user experience even if you can only find it on the newest devices, and the new Windows 8 has functions and features that simply, and honestly, in certain visual ways, make both iOS and Android looked old and outdated.

If Apple rolls out a device that doesn’t blow everyone away – especially from standpoint of specs – expect the media and punditry to start grumbling and worrying about where Apple is headed.  Remember we are now in a period of time where new Apple products are without the golden touch and oversight of Steve Jobs.  The vultures are hungry for any reason to swoop in.  If there was ever an event where Apple needed to pull off the… “Oh, and there is one more thing…” bit, it is this week.

Apple is also expected to show off new iPod Touches, Nanos and Shuffles… And the talk of a new “mini iPad”?  That looks to be something that will have its own conference later in October.  Stand by.