Its Called a “Love Seat” For Good Reason

Gerard P. Streator was arrested late last week on the very odd charge that he had been seen, in public, having sex with a discarded couch.  Yes, you just read that.

Streator, 46, (right) was spotted by an off-duty police man late one night earlier in the month.  He described Streator as, “a subject leaning over the couch facing down and it looked like he was having sexual relations with someone on the couch.” Additionally, the cop noted that he “could see the male’s hips thrusting up and down on the couch.”  The officer approached Streator and his couch and inquired as to what was going on.  Streator allegedly pulled away from the couch, got up and ran off but not before the officer, as he noted in his report spotted that he, “could see that the defendant’s penis was erect.”

The officer’s report also includes the disturbing amount of details like, Streator, “had been thrusting his pelvic area against the cushions and trying to sexually gratify himself by rubbing his penis between the two cushions.”  Remember, this was an old couch, discarded on the side of the road.  Not a overly stuffed, purple velour sofa you’d see on a furniture showroom floor, or at Prince’s house.

Streator was followed to a nearby apartment building where he was able to lock out the officer following him.  Later police interview Streator’s wife who claimed that he had been with her that night, but he was later arrested and charged with a misdemeanor criminal complaint and will have a hearing in the coming days.



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When Your Diaper Fetish Becomes Criminal

Eric Carrier, 24, has some sort of fetish – and whether it is the diaper, baby-play, scatilogical or mothering kind of fetish isn’t clear.  What is clear is that Carrier has been arrested for trying to con an unsuspecting woman to unknowingly be involved in his fetish(s)… again.

Carrier (pic right) was arrested late last week and charged with a single felony count of attempt to commit indecent exposure.  The story around this charge comes from the allegation that on Craigslist he had posed as a 22 year old disabled man with a brain injury that prevented him from owning control of his own bowels, therefore in need of an adult caregiver for assistance with changing his diapers and other personal hygiene.

A woman reported to police that she answered the Craigslist posting and met Carrier on September 12th where he asked her if she would changed his soiled diaper.  She refused, was suspicious and contacted police.  While investigating, police found out that Carrier had a history of such requests.  A year ago Carrier was charged with indecent exposure after another Craigslist posting, again posing as a disabled person, solicited five different women.  While he was convicted of indecent exposure, the police investigation turned up even more women with similar claims, but the statute of limitations had expired.

This recalls one of the great stories of all time – Sean Kelly – the Florida man who was charged with using Craigslist to dupe women into coming to his home to care for his “mentally disabled brother” who was in need of hand feeding, diaper and bottle care.  Of course, as we all now know, that brother was actually Kelly himself.

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Eels Aren’t Supposed To Be In Your Butt

A hospital in New Zealand is reporting that it is true they had a male patient that required attention for an “eel inside him”.  And by, “inside him”, they mean in his butt.

The man reportedly showed up at the hospital having to explain that he had an eel up and inside his rectum and after a series of X-rays his claim proved to be true.  Reports are the man underwent a minor procedure to have the “sprig sized” eel removed and he was later released.  There was no explanation of how the eel got in there and the hospital refused to elaborate further due to “patient’s right to privacy”.

If you love a good, “what people have put in their butt only to need it medically removed” story, check out this awesome book, “Stuck Up”.


Cause You Can Never See Enough Live Music

One of the best fruits to bare from the interwebspace contraption is how easy it is to find new music, or even more about music that you already love.  “Back in my day” all of that work was heavy lifting at a local CD shop, fanzine/magazine reading or – ick – having to talk to others.  And while I very much miss visiting my local mom & pop shop to dig through records and listening to others scratched up CDs in the used section, music discovery via the ‘net is a rather darned awesome thing.

Making it better is the never ending and always expanding reach of services to guide you.  Along with the new streaming music services are sites and apps that give you additional information and one of the best is Songkick – a service that keeps you aware of when your bands are coming to town.

Songkick was started back in 2007 and claims to have the largest collection of tour information in the world.  Today it is a great free service that you connect to via an app for your Android/iPhone device, a plug-in type app for Spotify or connecting via your Facebook or LastFM accounts.

Songkick will scan your music collection in iTunes, on your device or wherever and then begin to send you alerts when a band from your music collection is going to appear in your area.  Not only will Songkick alert you to national acts big and small, but also those little, unsigned bands that you have in your collection, all get deserved attention with alerts when they are making an appearance at a local venue.  Lastly, there is even a tab that will show you all of the shows that are happening in your area on each night.  No matter if the band/artist is in your collection or not, all of the shows are there for you to look through.

The service is free, easy to use and the email alerts are not annoying.

“I Ended Up Cooking Her”

David Viens is on trial in the 2009 murder of his wife Dawn.  It’s a big story because the highlight of it all is he cooked, actually boiled down, her remains in a 55 gallon drum and then disposed of them via the grease traps of the restaurant they owned.  There’s a ton of crazy detail to all of this, including Viens suicide attempt in 2011 when he threw himself off a cliff and survived.

It’s a big headline today because the trial started this week, therefore I’m not going to write a long post about it and allow you to click and visit the many other far more detailed descriptions of how David Viens killed then disposed of his wife, Dawn.  The best review comes from The Daily Beast, but there are more links below.


Of Course, It Happened In Florida (nsfw)

Carlos Romero is 31, lives in Marion County, FL and admits that he really, really, really likes a miniature donkey.  In fact, he was arrested for having some sort of sexual contact with the donkey and is critical of the state for its “frown on zoophilia”.

*warning* the contents of this story are graphic and disturbing, even for Florida.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.




Romero was arrested after he was spotted by a witness, who was delivering a horse to the same barn, with his shirt off and pants down standing behind a miniature donkey in a room that Romero rents.  All of the lights in the barn were off except this room and the witness said it appeared Romero was having sex with the donkey and when he saw the witness he backed away.  The incident happened back in August, and for unknown reasons the police didn’t talk to Romero until last Friday, but when they did, he had many very concerning confessions.

He claims that he “likes the way the fur feels on his testicles,” and that he became aroused” by seeing the animal in heat.  He also admitted that he “uses his fingers and saliva to clean the donkey’s clitoris and check for wood shavings and debris”, and that he, “may have come in contact with the donkey’s vagina by accident and his semen may have splattered inside the donkey by accident.”  For good measure he admitted to masturbated with the donkey 5-6 times.

Romero told police that he thought the state was very backwards in its thinking about zoophilia, but ironically it was only recently that Florida finally in acted a law outlawing sexual contact with animals.

He is in jail on a $2000 bond.

via The SmokingGun

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Move over, Jared

Christine Hall is a 66 year old law Librarian in Virginia, and she’s found the next big diet fad – eating at Starbucks. The 5’4″ Hall weighed over 200 pounds and had been rejected as a kidney donor because of her weight, so she decided to lose weight by eating exclusively at Starbucks.

Restricting her diet to as little as 876 calories a day in order to drop 2 pounds a week, Hall would start an average day with a 145 calorie breakfast of oatmeal and coffee, grab a bistro box of fruit and cheese for lunch (between 220 and 480 calories), and then a panini for dinner (between 340 and 460 calories).

She began tracking her calorie intake in May of 2010 and by November, she had dropped 40 pounds. Today she has dropped another 45 pounds, and was given the okay by doctors to partake in a 32-person altruistic kidney swap.

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Little Girl Gets Tongue Stuck

Jayla Small is a very cute 8-year old Atlanta girl who was simply drinking from a water bottle during cheerleader practice when she got her tongue stuck in it, and couldn’t get it out.

The bottle was a metal reusable water bottle, in fact her mom had bought all three kids in the family the same one, but on this day Jayla decided to stick her tongue into the bottle and when she couldn’t get it out someone called 9-11.  The paramedics couldn’t even figure out how to get it out of the bottle and decided to take her to the hospital.

Once there, doctors tried poking holes into the bottle to relieve the pressure and even cut off the bottom half of the bottle.  None of that worked and doctors began to notice that not only was the little girl’s tongue swelling, but the bottle was starting to inch backwards into her mouth and causing her to gag.  Doctors decided to take her to surgery where an hour later the bottle was finally removed.

Jayla is fine, but obviously traumatized.  Her mother is warning other parents about the dangers of the metal bottle.  (set:  she is secretly hoping this is an early lesson for Jayla about sticking your tongue in places.)

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He’s Got It Going On In His Pants

Byron Harvey spent the final portion of a self claimed drug-and-booze-fueled-36-hour-binge stealing a lot of merchandise, and stuffing it all into his pants.

Police were called our to a Bealls store in Indian River County, FL and met up with Harvey while he was in a dressing room.  While in there the police could hear and smell Harvey burning of the plastic wrappings from different products and when they opened the door found him stuffing the goods down his trousers.  In all $450 worth of clothes, shoes and other items had been jammed down his pants.

Police also found that Harvey still had room in a pocket for pills, which he quickly told police belonged to his girlfriend, who, he claimed, had been wearing the pants the prior day.

Harvey was arrested and charged with felony retail theft over $450, resisting arrest, and possession of a controlled substance.

Bringing Nerds & Jocks Together

If you live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, you likely are keenly aware of the importance of high school sports, specifically football.  Now, if you both live in the area and follow such things, you can download an app that sends you the latest in high school sports scores.

In fact, SportsDayHS even gives users real time scores and play-by-play tracking for 50+ football games each weekend.  The app connects with “stringers” at each of the games who are inputting game information/stats/scoring in real time and those results appear right there on your device.

The app also includes final box scores and stats for soccer, baseball, volleyball and softball all school year long, with standings and news headlines.

You can even set the app to push notify you final scores for specific schools and sports that you want to follow without having to open the app first.

The app is free and available via iTunes (download link) and Google Play.  This is the new “v2.0” of the app with significant enhancements and big fixes from the original version.

(disclaimer – I work for the company and was involved in the development of this app.  But because this is the only app of its kind in the country, and it is really worth a look if you live in Dallas and care about high school sports)

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