Fake Bigfoot Killed By Cars

Randy Lee Tenley, 44, of Kalispell, MT was attempting to create a Bigfoot sighting when he was struck and killed by two cars on a northwest Montana highway.

Tenley was wearing a military style “ghillie” suit (right) and was standing in the right lane of the highway when he was hit by one car, and then as he lay injured in the road, run over by a second.  Because the ghillie suit is designed to camouflage its easy to understand that the drivers of the two cars probably were unable to see him easily in the night.  The two cars were both driven by teen aged girls, one 15 and the other 17.

Friends are not sure what Tenley was attempting to do other than provoke sighting of “”sasquatch” or Bigfoot , but admit that alcohol may have been involved.  Tenley will probably be disappointed to find out that the only call police received that night was the one reporting he’d been hit by a car – no Bigfoot sightings.

(peet: and because this happened in nowhere USA, the TV report is handled by the newest of the new young girl from a small town TV station)