Concussion? There’s An App For That

I was walking by a sporting goods store that specializes in youth sports equipment yesterday when I noticed a booth out front promoting something called “Shock Box – Impact Alert Sensors“.  Not wanting to have to hear the pitch from either of the young marketing kids in their matching, logo’d golf shirts I looked up the product via the miracle of the internet.  And look what I found.

It’s pretty much what the name implies.  A sensor designed to fit helmets (currently football and hockey), measure the amount of force in from a hit or impact, calculate it and if it’s bad enough, send the coach or parent a notification via an app on their smartphone.


I realize that the science around concussions has grown leaps and bounds in the the last few years, especially as studies have shown the effects of repeated concussions on the underdeveloped grey mush in the brain bowl of a teenager or younger.

You can find out about it more here, and watch the video below – but oh my, do I have a life sized pic of parents freaking out in the 3rd quarter when Johnny takes a knock, their cell phone starts to screaming with that “RED ALERT” ring tone.  How is that going to work?

While I am all for minimizing the problems of concussions and I think the tech behind this idea is really slick, do we really need to add this variable into the already overbearing mix of sports parenting?