The Sexting Football Coach

Michael Carson, head coach at Martin Luther King Jr. High School, in DeKalb County, GA is in a bit of trouble after a mother accused him of sending her unwanted nude images via text.

A confrontation happened over the weekend at the school’s opening game of the season when the mother, Davida Bishop, the mother of two of Carson’s players, showed off a series of nude pics she had received from the coach to fans and other parents – during the game – in the stadium.  The police were called to the stadium but not until after other students, staff, players and potentially even the coach’s wife had seen the pics.

The coach was suspended and is on paid leave while an investigation is ongoing.  Interestingly, the coach may not have broken any laws, but there is a chance Bishop may face charges if it is true she showed any of the pictures to students (minors).

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