Methinks The Kid Is Trouble

This story might have been just damned funny enough for the “groping a half-naked barista” portion, but when you really read more about this kid, it makes you wonder why local authorities haven’t gotten the hint – the kid is a problem.

This starts with a 13 year old Washington state boy driving his mom’s mini van to a local coffee shop, called Moulin Brew,  that is well-know because it’s baraista are hot, young girls in bikinis.  Think, “Hooters for Coffee”. The kid drives up to the drive thru, places an order for coffee and several “$5 Hollers” (basically, lap dances by the barasitas, which are on the menu, btw) and at some point actually climbed out the window of the van, into the drive thru window and began to grope and molest the girl.

If you stop there, you’d think it was just a teen boy, filled with hormones just unable to control his newly found sexual urges, but really… this kid is no Dennis the Menace.

The kid, unnamed because he is a minor, was arrested and this time was held on $100,000 bail.  The amount was that high because the kid has a bit of a track record.  From the Yakima-Herald:

In February 2011, while hanging out with friends after school, he picked up a Chihuahua mix and hurled it 15 or 20 feet in the air, breaking its leg. A veterinarian reset the bone, and the dog was placed in the foster care of a compassionate school official.

On May 13, 2011, before the animal cruelty case was resolved, he was caught breaking into a neighbor woman’s home. He pleaded guilty to charges of residential burglary and second-degree animal cruelty, and was sentenced to a total of 31 days in juvenile custody.

In November he was arrested again, this time for car theft. Sentenced to 22 days in custody, he was already free when he allegedly attacked a 37-year-old woman on Jan. 30 at St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Toppenish.

In that incident, the woman told police the boy grabbed her while she was alone in the church, resulting in a protracted struggle during which he repeatedly groped her breasts before she fended him off.

via The Yakima Herald

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