When The Foot Fetish Goes Wrong

40 year old Tampa resident, Raymond Roland Collette admits he has had a foot fetish since he was a teen, but now he is in trouble with police after being caught enticing a minor into sex.

Collette had placed ads on Craigslist over the last three years with the title, “Seeking to worship sneakers”. Collette, who was posing as a woman named “April Love”, suggested he would be willing to pay to “smell someone’s sneakers”.  He began to talk to someone noted as “KK”,  But when KK mentioned she also had a 4 year old daughter he then turned up the creepy and “expressed (his) wishes to worship (the girl) while she is wearing her sneakers,” according to an FBI affidavit.  Collette then followed up with a picture of a 10 yr old girl he claimed was a niece and that they “trade children sometime”.

Turns out the girl in the picture was from the Facebook account of someone that attended Collette’s church, where he also worked as a media director.  The parent of the girl in the picture told police that Collette had once tried to get the girl a job modeling sneakers.

But in online talks with KK the talk quickly turned sexual, specifically about KK’s daughter, “I would like to worship (her) sneakers while she wears them, teach her to worship mine.”  He was arrested and is being held without bail.

via: tampabay.com