Wreck-It-Ralph is All 8Bit Love

Bugs Bunny with his Disney rival Mickey Mouse ...

Disney is rolling out a new movie this year that is very much in the great spirit of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?“.  That great 1988 movie that not only mixed animated and live characters, but wonderfully brought cartoon characters from different companies together.  In fact, it is still the only place you will ever see Micky Mouse and Bugs Bunny on the same screen together (right).

The movie Disney is delivering this year is all animated, no live people, but does bring together video game character from many of the great video arcade games of the past.  “Wreck-It-Ralph” tells the story of Ralph, a big oaf of a guy that is the villain in a console game that looks similar to Donkey Kong called, Fix-It Felix Jr.  Basic plot:  Ralph wants to be a “good guy” now and begins to jump from game to game trying to find his new place and in the meantime we see characters from all sorts of video game greats.

You’ll see characters from PacMac, Sonic, Street Fighter, Super Mario, Q*Q*Bert, Mortal Kombat Frogger and more.

This all may play much better for an audience, like me, that was raised on quarter-dumping into standing consoles in arcades and 7-11’s across the country.  But hopefully, the youth today that was raised on playing games exclusively at home and online will have an appreciation of where that gaming heritage comes from.

This looks fun.  Its out November 2nd.

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