Puppeteer Wants To Eat Kids

Ronald Brown just made it a lot harder to be a puppeteer for kid’s parties after it was discovered he had a plan to kidnap, torture, rape, murder, cook and eat children.

Brown is a Largo, FL puppeteer with his own company, “Puppets Plus”, and has made appearances at schools, malls and even a Tampa Rays games.  But police and federal officials found out about Brown’s conversations online with another man where a sexual discussion about children took place.

One conversation went like this:

“Summer is heating up, should be good pickins.”

“It’s so hot, the kids are almost naked out there.”

“My mouth watered looking at her for sure.”

Agents took possession of Brown’s computer where it was found to be loaded with graphic child porn and according to arrest documents he was planning on kidnapping a little boy at a local church. He told FBI agents he wanted to “eat” the child and that he was part of a Yahoo group of others with fantasies about children and violence with children.









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