China Needs Sex Toy 101

18 police officers, firefighters, rescue crews and over 1,000 spectators crowded a local river in the Chinese province of Shandong when the call was put out there was a drowning woman in the river.

For 40 minutes rescuers attempted and struggled to bring the body ashore, with the water being turbulent and the crowd was getting panicky.  Finally after all that time what was thought to be a person in unknown condition, turned out to be a deflated, life sized sex doll.  The crowd that had gathered to watch the rescue reportedly “cover their children’s eyes and just walked away” after realizing it wasn’t a person at all.

And apparently China is big on misidentifying discarded sex toys as last month when villagers found a mushroom/fungus shaped object that had been unearthed when drilling for a nearby well had begun.  The residents not knowing what specicis of mushroom it was took it to a local TV station to see if they could help find someone identify the plant. But when the Sunday morning show aired the segment showing off the mystery ‘shroom – described by one villagers as, “This looks like a type of fungus with mushroom heads on both ends. On this side, you can see what look like a pair of lips and on the other side it has a small hole that goes through to the other end” – it turns out it wasn’t a plant, mushroom or living object at all.  It was, duh, a discarded masturbation toy.

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