The Bad Side of Having The World’s Largest Penis

Jonah Falcon is famous for one really amazing thing.  He has, “The World’s Largest Penis”.  He has been featured in a HBO documentary, Rolling Stone and just about every talk show out there.  While you can read all of the details about it’s size here (it’s freakishly large.. it’s a total genetic mutation and not something anyone would really want attached to themselves), the reality is that it hasn’t done much for Falcon’s life, especially when trying to travel and having to deal with the TSA.

Earlier this month Falcon reported that while at the San Francisco airport he was stopped by the TSA after going through the scanner.  The size of his member was a mystery to them and they began to ask questions.  “TSA didn’t know what to make of the massive bulge on my thigh. Even after I went through that body scanner that shows you naked,” Falcon wrote on his Twitter page.  “They asked me if that’s a growth – and i said no, that’s my dick,” he told a SF CBS affiliate.  In an interview with the Huffington Post, he explained it this way, “”I had my ‘stuff’ strapped to the left. I wasn’t erect at the time,” said Falcon, “One of the guards asked if my pockets were empty and I said, ‘Yes.'”   He claims that he was asked to go through not just the body scanner, but the metal detector and then was picked for “selected screening”.   A pat down was done by some lucky TSA agent who even put a powder on his pant, assumably to test for explosives.  While he was delayed, he did not miss his flight.

Falcon’s new travel strategy?  “I’m just gonna wear bike shorts from now on,” Falcon said. “That way, they’ll know.

The man most wanted by the porn industry has actually never appeared in any, but also has lead a otherwise normal life largely blogging and writing about video game.