Effective Ways To End a Bad Date 101

Early Tuesday morning a 34 year old man had just about enough of the bickering between himself and his girlfriend, so he decided to jump out of the car they were in, while it was moving.

The couple were out to celebrate her birthday along with another couple.  Reportedly an argument started about possibly moving to another state.  The argument went on for a long while and continued even as the couple were in the backseat of a car on their way home.  But the argument became so frustrating for the man he wanted out of the car and wasn’t even willing to wait for it to stop.  While the car was still moving the man opened the door, jumped out onto the busy road, hit his head as he tumbled and had to be taken to the hospital with bleeding on the brain.  Yes, he was also intoxicated.

No further word on the man’s condition or the status of his relationship to the woman.

via Channel3000