Craigslist Never Intended To Be Used This Way

A Twin Falls, ID woman is the victim of a terrible prank (or was it?), resulting in her being attacked and almost raped, twice, all because of fake Craiglist postings created by her own husband.

The unidentified woman called police Friday morning last week reporting a disturbance.  She claims that in the early hours she had a knock on the door and a strange man was standing there and said, “I’m here for you,”  and he forced his way into her house.  She ran and got her gun, but the two scuffled for it.  The gun fired, but didn’t hit either of them and the man escaped and drove off.  Saturday afternoon the woman called police again, this time a different man knocked on her door and police this time arrived to find this suspect being held at gunpoint by the woman.

The man claims that he was only responding to a posting on Craigslist in their “Casual Encounters” section from a woman who had a fantasy of being forcibly raped.  He had exchanged several emails with the person posting the request and was able to show them to police from his cell phone.  Police were able to trace the posting and its origins back to Justin Crawford.  Crawford, who works for the National Guard, had his home searched by police and eventually admitted to being involved in both attempted rapes, setting up the email and the Craiglist ads.  Posing as the victim in the ad, he instructed the two men to continue with the fantasy no matter how much (she) fought back.

Turns out the woman is actually Crawford’s wife and that he’d posted the ads posing as her without her knowledge or consent.  Crawford is in jail on $100,000 bond and charged with solicitation of rape and burglary.


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