The Definition of “Adding Insult to Injury”

Emmanuel Alfredo Tadeo of Sandy Springs, GA is a pretty awful dude if the charges of kicking his girlfriend’s dog to death and then beating her with the carcass are true.

Last month Tadeo was in the middle of an argument with his girlfriend, Andrea Armintrout, when he went outside with the small Pomeranian dog and kicked it to death in the yard.  He then allegedly picked up the dog, took it back in the house and began to use it “as a weapon” to beat Armintrout.  She called police and he was originally arrested on battery and animal cruelty charges, but this week those charges were upgraded to felonies.  He is now facing felony level aggravated assault, aggravated battery and cruelty to animals charges.

Oddly, Armintrout is now also in jail after being charged with obstruction of an investigation.  There are no details if she was injured in the beating or how she was obstructing the investigation.