I bet mouth-to-pelvis doesn’t work

Porn star Harmony Rose at the 2006 Erotica Los...

Ex-Porn Star Harmony Rose, AKA Tracy Rolan, has decided to give up the business and embark on a new profession, training to be a volunteer EMT with the Cave Spring Rescue Squad in Roanoke, VA.

Ms. Rolan has been featured in more than 200 pornographic videos between 2004 and 2010. Her videos include “Masturbation Nation 3,” “Farmer’s Daughters Take It Off” and “Sack Lunch.” Don’t Google her and get in trouble, just take IMDB‘s word for it.

Fire Chief Rich Burch learned about Rose’s previous career from Roanoke Fire & Rescue employees, and I’m sure it was handled under the table. Wait, I meant…

The photo at right proves she has a history of serving the public.

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