Extreme Pest Extermination: Blowtorch

Eiliya Maida of Chico, CA had spiders and their webs infesting a part of her home.  He really wanted to remove the webs, but where they were and not wanting to touch them He had to come up with a new way to dispose of them.  So Maide broke out the blowtorch.

With the blowtorch burning up the webs outside his home he also ignited some dry plants and vines attached to the home and started an attic fire.  Somehow he didn’t notice what he had started and went back into the home thinking he’d simply thinking he was victorious over the spiders.  It wasn’t until a short time later his brother-in-law noticed smoke coming from the roof line that 9-11 was called and Miada’s family was evacuated from the house.  The family does not have house insurance and no one was injured.

Firefighters had to cut a hole in the roof to prevent the fire from spreading and destroying the entire home, but Miada and his family can’t return until the $25,000 worth of damage is repaired.  The damage was made worse because it was outside and in the very top of the attic, above the fire detectors and was allowed to burn and spread without anyone noticing.


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