The Best Fireworks Mishaps of 2012

One of my personal favorite stories to tell each year is how knuckleheads end up blowing off parts by goofing around with fireworks.  Every year way too many people end up in the ER or worse after doing something completely silly with explosives they bought along the roadside.  2012 is no different.  So I’ve decided to proclaim my favorite fireworks accident of the year.

Coming in at #3: The San Diego fireworks show that went wrong, shooting off the entire 20 minute program at once.  No injuries, but still pretty funny

Our runner-up:  Daniel Duzac, of Kenner, LA.  The 19 year old thought it would be smart to bundle 150 sparklers with duct tape and light the fuse… while holding the thing.  Duzac ended up minus a left hand, less two fingers on his right hand, and severe burns on the rest of his body… Also the blast damaged three nearby cars.


This year’s winner is very special.  Congratulations to a Grand Traverse, MI man for blowing off part of his gentials.  Thinking the round was a dud, he walked up to it when it fired – hitting him in the upper leg and groin area.  Sadly, there is no video of this incident.