Uh. How Do I Explain This?

A story from Tokyo is circulating that a gender bending performance artist may have served up a meal consisting of his own amputated private parts to willing participants.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Mao Sugiyama is a painter that claims to be “asexual” and days after his 22nd birthday had a surgery to remove his genitals, and then he put the removed parts in a freezer for a later purpose.  That later purpose turns out to have been an event to raise awareness about “sexual minorities, x-gender, asexual people” where five paying diners consumed the cooked parts.  Sugiyama insists that not only is the story true, but that he followed all the laws pertaining to organ sales, processing of medical waste and having the parts certified free of infections.

Patrons each paid $250 for the event that consisted of a meal made up of Sugiyama’s “penis shaft, testicles and scrotal skin”, garnished with button mushrooms and parsley and portioned evenly for the five different people in attendance.  While only five people participated, pics from the event reveal that dozens showed to watch the meal which took place back in April, and been a viral story in Japan ever since.

Police decided to not arrest anyone or make press any charges because there are no laws in Japan about cannibalism.


Warning: Graphic Pic Below of Cooked Parts (looks like chicken)




















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