If You Can’t Trust a Clown…

Thomas Harold Morgan is a professional clown known as “Sondance the Clown” (see above).  Performing at children’s parties, events and gatherings all over the Ft. Smith, Arkansas area Morgan was arrested Wednesday on charges of distributing, possessing, or viewing child porn.

An investigation of the Ft. Smith Police Department’s computer sciences division somehow detected someone at a specific residence on a specific street was accessing images from a well-known file sharing site. (peet: I’m all for busting child porn peddlers, but this description by the police on how they tracked this guy is suspicious, or just not accurately explained).  That residence was Morgan and police raided it finding a sizable collection of porn.  “There was enough material on there that it would take them at least two or three weeks to go through all of it so there’s a lot of images,” said Cpl. Steven Dooly with Fort Smith Police.

Police commented that they did not believe Morgan was uploading content, or had received any complaints from the public about Morgan before or after the story became public.