Spear Through the Head. Ouch.

Yasser Lopez, 16, not only will have the most bitchin’ scar to show off to friends, and a story to go along with it – but the single best ever X-ray to frame and put on his wall.

Lopez was saved by doctors at a Miami area hospital after he arrived with a stainless steel spear that had been accidentally shot into his forehead.  Entering only an inch above his right eye the three foot spear exited the back of his skull.  Somehow the spear missed every major blood vessel of the brain and because it hit the right hemisphere and not the left, his speech was left undamaged.  While he is expected to stay in the hospital for another few months for recovery and rehab he is expected to make a fun near-full recovery.

Doctors had to saw the spear down to 18 inches just to get Lopez into the scanner to see the extent of the damage.  The image allowed them to realize they could remove it first by unscrewing the tip from the shaft preventing them from having to pull the spear back through his brain.  Lopez remembers nothing about the event and doctors do not expect him to ever remember it.