If ATM Gives You Millions, Make Million-aide

Ronald Page, 55, thought he’d happened into the sweetest of luck.  He realized that he was able, mistakenly, to withdraw a lot more cash than he actually had in his account.

Over 10,000 time more.

Page has held an average of only $100 in his account, but was able to withdraw over $1.5 million over a course of time starting back in 2009.  The account, according to court documents, was using primarily for gambling as Page would deposit and withdraw cash in increments from $2000 to $50,000 at a time.  During a 15 day gambling bender Page pulled as much as $512,000 over the course of a day from a single casino.  Last August Page attempted to pull $52,000 from an ATM at a casino in Detroit and was denined and then later that day attempted to pull another $50,000 from a different casino in the area – and was denined again.  Bank of America (peet: don’t they have some fault here for not realizing their mistakes?) finally notified Page that he was overdrawn by $1.5 million and demanded repayment.  Obviously, Page never had the means to meet such a demand.

The US Attorney’s office has recommended that Page spend 15 months in jail and also be prohibited from, “gambling activity, lotteries, or wagering of any kind and from entering the premises of any gambling casinos, horse tracks, bingo parlors, or dog races or wherever gambling activity is conducted.” Page’s sentencing will take place on June 27th.