Best/Worst. Hypnotist. Ever.

For their end of school year party the College du Sacre-Coeur in Canada decided to hire a hypnotist for the 12 and 13 year old girls.  The hypnotist, Maxime Nadeau, 20, is actually a hypnotist in training – and that might have been the cause of the resulting problem.

During the course of the show, five of the girls in the audience watching the performance – not the ones Nadeau was actually using as subjects – fell into traces trances so deep that he had to call his mentor and teacher to come and get the five out of their traces.  One of the girls was in a trace for over five hours.  Some of the girls with their heads on a table, others just staring into space.  The mentor, Richard Whitbread had to drive an hour to get to the school where he was able to pull the girls from their state.

Whitbread actually blamed Nadeau’s “good looks” on the hypnotic state, which lead to headaches for most of the girls involved.  One of the girls described the ordeal this way, ‘I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like you’re no longer there,’ Émilie Bertrand told CBC. ‘You’re spaced out.’  Nadeau was not concerned, describing being in a trace trance as a state of “well-being”.  The girls are being monitored and now know that people under the age of 14 are not recommended to participate in hypnosis.


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