Wolves Kill Zoo Employee

Sunday morning a female employee at a Swedish zoo entered the wolf enclosure, and according to reports was surrounded, attacked and killed by a pack of eight wolves.

The 30 year old woman’s body was stranded in the enclosure for a period of time as the wolves had it surrounded and wouldn’t allow anyone near it.  Finally zoo workers were able to form a human chain that allowed them to move the wolves away and gain access to her.  She died quickly from her wounds, but it is unknown why the wolves attacked her in the first place.  The woman had been working with this pack for a long time and regularly participated in activities with them to help build a bond.

Still not identified, the woman reportedly did everything correctly and by the books.  She told others where she was going and it was only when her colleagues couldn’t reach her via the radio that the attack was realized.  Parts of her clothing and belongings were found strewn all over the enclosure.  The zoo has had to shut off all contact with the pack, both from visitors to the zoo and the employees while it is decided if they will be put down.