Vizio Enters the PC Biz

People are always surprised when they ask me, “What TV do I buy?”, and I tell them to consider a Vizio.

I have three of them.  And I love and highly recommend them.  Why?  Because the company has come an epic distance from the original shoddy, cheap stuff they put on shelves, to displays that out of the box produce a very good image, with all the features and do so at prices well below the similar Sonys, LG’s and Samsungs (all which make great TV too, btw).  But for my “non-critical” viewing (i.e.: everyday sitcoms, news, background viewing) a Vizio will do 99% of the consumer base just fine. I’d argue that 95% of that same base could never tell the difference in picture quality from a Vizio to another name brand.

So yesterday when I heard that Vizio was entering the lap and desk top PC business, my ears perked up.

Rolling out two different sized laptops and two “all-in-one” desktops – all four btw clearly mimic Apple products – look to be sharp in design and materials and come at very reasonable price points.

The laptops, the Vizio Thin + Light ultrabook, comes in 14″ and 15.6″ screen sizes, with high definition and the latest Intel processors called Ivy-bridge.   The desktops are iMac-like in their all-in-one design, in fact they are called “All In One”, and come in 24″ and 27″ screen sizes.

Starting price for any hits at $898.  Now, neither will run Apple’s OSX, but do arrive with Windows 7.

Without personally trying one, or holding one in my hands, I have no idea if I could recommend these as an option for someone looking for a new PC based computer.  But I can tell you that if they are equal to what I have had with their TV sets, then these will be outstanding options for anyone on the market.  They are due to go on sale on June 15th at big box stores and discounters (i.e.: Sams, Costco, Target).