Worst First Day on Summer Job. Ever.

An 18 year old woman was enjoying her first day on the job at beautiful Yellowstone National Park over the weekend when she fell into a 1,500 foot canyon while posing for a picture.

Map of Yellowstone National Park

She had gotten a summer job working at the concessions stands in the park, was hiking at the North Rim Trail with there friends when she got close to the edge of the canyon for a picture.  She sat along the edge when the rocks beneath her gave way and she fell 400 feet into the canyon and it took a helicopter to retrieve her body.

A visitor to the park was nearby when the accident happened and told NBCMontana there was little anyone could do, “By the time we got down there, it was pretty evident that there was nothing that we could do,” he said. “Everybody that was there was just wishing and hoping that she might be able to survive.”

The woman’s name has not been released, and the park reports that surprisingly fewer than a dozen falls like this have occurred at the park in the last 30 years.


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