Yes, That is a Helicopter Made of Cat…

Orville was a cat who’s fortune was to be owned by a Dutch artist who had an affinity for the history of flight.  Hence, the the name “Orville” – as in one of the Wright Brothers.

Orville’s fortune ran out recently when he was hit and killed by a car, but that would not be the end of his usefulness.  His owner, Bart Jansen had Orville stuffed.  Then Jansen realized, being the artist that he is, there was an opportunity to marry his career and interest in flight by turning Orville in a helicopter.  Yes, a flying machine made of cat.

Orville’s stuffed carcass was reconstructed with a frame, landing gear, motor, transmitter/receiver and a set of four propellers – one for each paw.  So what you have now is a cat version of the flying toy helicopters you see demonstrated at any random Brookstone in a mall near you.  Said Jansen, “I really love this cat and for me this is a way to actually make him eternal.”

The video below is a test flight, conducted in front several friends who all cheer with delight as Orville hovers a couple of inches from the ground with his legs spread out like some sort of flying squirrel.  Since that time Orville’s design has improved and he can now sustain flight and is more stable thanks to a rudder attached to his tail.  Jansen calls it the Orvillecopter – half cat, half machine… 100% loving tribute.

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