Meet “U”, Watch Video

By now you know that Nintendo released the video seen below before E3 officially started, and at the same time kinda pulled a fast one since Microsoft historically gets the first word.  But Sunday’s release of the video not only steals some of that “me first” limelight it accomplished a few things for Nintendo.

With the video the company gets out of the way explaining in great detail the new console, how they came about the design and many of unit’s new features.  Now when they hold their actual live presentation on Tuesday (at noon) they can spend all of that time showing off the new games, software and Miiverse (the new social platform they are launching).

The video is 30 minutes.  Much of it is woefully painful to watch.  Not sure why they decided to let company President, Satoru Iwata stand and deliver, but his shaky English and v e r y s l o w delivery makes for some tedious viewing.  Additionally, the highly produced explanation/scenario “videos inside the video” and that typical Japanese style of how they present things – very, very literally – provides for some comedy that ends up making the video worth watching.

The “U” (peet:  The seemingly very angry commenter below is correct, the actual name is “Wii U”, but everyone I know and myself has been calling it simply “U”, or the “Nintendo U” – again, he’s correct, so here is my admission he is right and I am half-assed.) is going to end up winning or losing on what amazing gameplay Nintendo can pull off with this new cross platform idea.  Some of what they show where you overlay the controller screen in front of your larger display is very interesting stuff.  But like Microsoft’s Kinect, if there isn’t a great game to play, it doesn’t matter how cool the tech is.

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