E3 Is Happening This Week

Its the week video gamers wait for all year – with birthdays and Christmas as exceptions – E3 is happening out on the west coast.

The big news is that Nintendo has already pulled a fast one by releasing a “pre-direct” video (gotta love Japanese literalness) with the company president showing off their new gaming console, the Nintendo U.

As for Sony and Microsoft, do not expect much – or anything at all – about next gen consoles.  A Playstation4 or Xbox720 are most likely a year out, but maybe one or both of them might try to squirt water on Nintendo’s week by at least sneaking something about what is in store. I won’t try and do too much predicting as there are many, far better, sites that are already doing this for you.  But there is some obvious ground to cover.

Microsoft:  Halo4.  That’s going to be the big one.  After that it will be trying to mine a game that really takes the Kinect to the next level.  Microsoft’s motion controller is very nice and very high tech, but it just hasn’t landed THAT game which captures the general public and hard core gamers alike.  There probably will be XboxLive developments, and theres some talk about a multi-platform app that will allow users to stream video content from a smartphone/tablet to the Xbox360, ala Apple’s Airplay.

Sony: The big machine has some serious work to do with Vita.  The newest handheld device is struggling in sales and Sony has a lot invested in it.  Sony will probably spend a lot of their time showing off how Vita can be a cross platform gaming device/controller in the same vein as the new Nintendo U Game pad.  While we will most likely see exciting new titles for the Playstation3, a lot of time will be spent showing off the new games coming for the Vita – giving people a reason to spend the money on the pricey device.

Games:  Look out for Call of Duty: Black Ops2, Dead Space 3, FIFA13, Star Trek: The Game – and there is a buzz that a sneak peek of Grand Theft Auto V will appear this week as well.

The outstanding Guysgirl.com will have live coverage of each of the big three’s presentations, and you should go follow her and talk games with her.


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